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About Artsix


Welcome to ArtsiX, an extraordinary Australian brand that stands at the forefront of artistic innovation. With their unique vision and a passion for pushing boundaries, ArtsiX has emerged as a trailblazer in the global art scene, captivating audiences both near and far with their unparalleled fusion of music and digital art. At ArtsiX, the boundaries between mediums dissolve as musicians compose mesmerizing soundscapes, while artists create stunning visuals that dance harmoniously to the rhythm. This fusion of talents results in an immersive journey where each stroke of the brush and every note played converge to create an extraordinary symphony of artistry. ArtsiX is more than an event; it's a testament to the boundless power of artistic expression, a testament to the magic that happens when music and art intertwine in perfect harmony.

Problems They Had

ArtsiX, the visionary Australian brand that pushes the boundaries of artistic innovation, sought the expertise of DevGriffins, a leading web development and digital marketing agency, to tackle a unique challenge: promoting their highly anticipated upcoming event - an NFT digital art exhibition. With a desire to introduce their brand to the world, ArtsiX recognized the immense potential of platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Thread, TikTok, and more, but they were in need of a strategic approach. They sought guidance on how to navigate these digital landscapes, leveraging each platform's distinct strengths to amplify their message and captivate audiences worldwide. Further recognizing the power of event-oriented marketing and the importance of establishing a strong brand identity, ArtsiX, the visionary Australian brand pushing the boundaries of artistic innovation, turned to DevGriffins.

Our Solutions for Artsix

Creating Brand identity

We started by analyzing's target audience. We found that they were mostly young people who were interested in art and design. We also found that they were very visual learners. By using bright colors which are attention-grabbing and would appeal to's target audience and Simple typography which would be easy to read and would not distract from the visuals we had the perfect idea on how to take to the audience. We used the same fonts and styles throughout's marketing materials to create a sense of consistency. And also we used a variety of post styles to keep's website visually interesting.

Creating Brand identity Solution for Artsix

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