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About is the first-ever productive student community in Sri Lanka, designed to empower young minds with the skills they need to succeed in the digital age. The BeCoded community offers a range of educational resources, from expert-led workshops and online courses to networking events and mentorship opportunities. With the focus on practical skills development and real-world experience, is the perfect platform for students and young professionals seeking to unlock their full potential in the digital economy. Whether you're a budding programmer, a social media whiz, or an aspiring entrepreneur, this community has the tools, resources, and support you need to take your skills to the next level.

Problems They Had was a startup company that approached Devgriffins with several challenges related to their digital marketing and branding efforts. One of the main problems they faced was a lack of a proper brand guideline. As a new startup, they needed to establish a clear and consistent brand identity that would help them stand out in a competitive marketplace. This involved developing a brand strategy that would guide their messaging, visual design, and overall marketing efforts. And as a new startup, they likely had limited visibility in search engines, which made it difficult for potential customers to discover their services. also required social media management and reach from scratch. in order to establish a strong foundation for growth and success in the years to come they joined hands with us to build their journey through technology.

Our Solutions for

Strategic Web Development

In order we worked closely with the client to understand their business objectives and goals. We recommended a comprehensive solution that involved developing a professional website with best-in-class SEO features and social media reach.

Strategic Web Development Solution for

Capturing their Brand Identity through profile videography and photography

Additionally, we created a profile video that showcased their courses and workshops, giving a glimpse into the quality of their offerings. We developed a comprehensive solution that involved creating a profile video for their business. Our team worked closely with to understand their vision and goals, and created a video that showcased their unique features and strengths.

Capturing their Brand Identity through profile videography and photography Solution for

Tailored Dashboard Solutions

To help manage their courses and workshops effectively, we developed a dashboard that enabled them to monitor their students' progress, track attendance, and analyze course feedback. Our dashboard solution services are designed to help businesses optimize their workflow, manage data more efficiently, and transform raw data into valuable insights.

Tailored Dashboard Solutions Solution for

Professional Email Notification Templates

We also created email notification templates that kept their students informed about upcoming courses, workshops, and other important announcements. Our solution helped establish a strong online presence that reflected their brand values and made it easy for their customers to access their offerings. The website's improved search engine visibility helped them attract more students, while the dashboard and email notification templates helped them manage their courses and workshops efficiently. Overall, our solution helped overcome their digital marketing challenges and establish a strong foundation for their business growth.

Professional Email Notification Templates Solution for

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