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Joseph Fraser Ninewells Hospital is a distinguished healthcare institution renowned for its exceptional medical services and patient care. The hospital prides itself on its team of experienced obstetricians, pediatricians, nurses, and support staff, all working together to provide personalized care tailored to the unique needs of each family. The state-of-the-art facilities are designed to ensure comfort and safety, featuring advanced medical technology and serene birthing suites. The hospital's commitment to quality and excellence in maternity care makes it a trusted choice for expectant mothers seeking a supportive and professional environment for one of life's most significant moments.

Problems They Had

Joseph Fraser Ninewells Hospital, despite its excellence in maternity care, faced the challenge of establishing a strong digital presence to connect with its audience more effectively. They recognized the potential of reaching out to expectant mothers and families through social media but found it increasingly challenging to identify and implement the right marketing strategies that truly reflected their brand identity and the high quality of their services. The hospital sought to not just inform but also engage with their community, to showcase their commitment to providing exceptional care. In their pursuit of a partner who could understand and translate their ethos into a compelling digital narrative, they discovered DevGriffins, a team they believed could provide the right guidance and support to illuminate their path in the digital world.

Our Solutions for Joseph Fraser Ninewells

From-Scratch Social Media Marketing

We initiated a comprehensive social media strategy, building their presence from the ground up. This involved understanding the hospital's core values and services, then reflecting these in a consistent and engaging online persona. Our approach was to create content that resonates with expectant mothers and families, providing them with valuable information and fostering a community around their services.

From-Scratch Social Media Marketing Solution for Joseph Fraser Ninewells

Highly Ranked Meta Ads

To enhance visibility and reach, we deployed targeted Meta ads. By optimizing these ads for high performance, we ensured that Joseph Fraser Ninewells Hospital appeared prominently in potential patients' searches, increasing their visibility and attracting a relevant audience. This strategic placement was designed to not only inform but also encourage interactions and inquiries, leading to increased engagement and potential client conversions.

Highly Ranked Meta Ads Solution for Joseph Fraser Ninewells

Comprehensive Design Solutions

Understanding the power of visual appeal, we provided a range of design services, including the creation of brochures, posters, and social media posts. Each piece was crafted to capture the hospital's commitment to quality care and comfort, ensuring that every interaction with the brand reinforced its reputation for excellence in maternity services.

Comprehensive Design Solutions Solution for Joseph Fraser Ninewells

TikTok Marketing

Recognizing the growing influence of TikTok in reaching younger demographics, we formulated a TikTok marketing strategy. This involved creating engaging, informative content that highlighted the hospital's services, facilities, and care philosophy in a format that resonates with the TikTok community. Through this platform, we aimed to connect with a broader audience, spreading awareness and driving interest in Joseph Fraser Ninewells Hospital's exceptional maternity care.

TikTok Marketing Solution for Joseph Fraser Ninewells

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