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About Lloyds Mill

Lloyds Mill is premium Dhal processing company in Sri Lanka. With the use of advanced technology and expertise, they provide an exceptional service in Dhal processing. They ensure safety and hygiene in every step of Dhal processing in order to bring the best quality Dhal to the market. At Lloyds Mill they specialize in bringing the purest Dhal to your hand. With an experience over years , Lloyds Mill has become the number one Dhal processing company in the industry. As a team of professionals who value hygiene , quality and perfection beyond anything and that has been their plus point to gain trust in the hearts of their customers.

Problems They Had

The Lloyds Mill Team approached to us with several challenges in order to take their business to the another level of success. One of their main motive was to make their business more advanced and unique. That’s where , We the Devgriffins team helped them to launch a professional website along with videography and photography . Though Lloyds Mill team wanted to reach their clients in the most practical and easiest way, and wanted to break the tradition and make their business more innovative, but they didn’t know how to accomplish their thoughts. And although they had the idea of making their business more successful they didn’t know how to reach their audience globally and how to show case their business in this digital era. And also beyond everything they didn’t have any idea on how to make their own and unique identity in the industry. As a best solution for all their problems, we appeared in front of them as a supporter and the best solution provider for all the puzzles in their mind. This was when Lloyds Mill joined hands together with our expertise web development team to create their unique identity among their competitors in the industry.

Our Solutions for Lloyds Mill

Professional and customized website development

As the Devgriffins team we know exactly how important it is to have a professional and user friendly website for a business. That’s why we have created each step of creating the website step by step with much care and attention to bring out the best and user friendly website for our client. Lloyds Mill team wanted to have their website in the best standards and well customized , our team of developers and graphic designers always value our clients satisfaction more than anything, that’s why we have launched the best user friendly and professional website for the Lloyds Mill.

Professional and customized website development Solution for Lloyds Mill

User friendly SEO contents

When it comes to a successful website, then it always matters with the SEO standard. We always make sure that our clients to be the number one in the industry , that’s why we always pay hundred percent attention to our contents and SEO contents. It’s always special and worth to rank higher in the google search with the use of best SEO contents, and we never forget to satisfy our clients in all aspects. With a clear understanding about the needs and desires of our Lloyds Mill client , we have worked hard to bring up the best results in our services.

User friendly SEO contents Solution for Lloyds Mill

Videography & Photography

As a team of professional, at Devgriffins we value perfection and customer satisfaction beyond anything, that’s why we have brought out the best videos and photos of our client’s business. When it comes to a professional website, we make sure that all the product details and images are very accurate and clear so that anyone who searches for the best products will meet our clients and get the best results. Likewise , Our Lloyds Mill clients are the number one Dhal processing Company in the industry and they have the best outcomes along with the best factory . That’s why we have clearly showcased all their aspects through our standard photography and videography.

Videography & Photography Solution for Lloyds Mill

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