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Syron Active stands as the epitome of excellence in activewear and swimwear. Rooted in a deep appreciation for both fitness and fashion, Syron Active meticulously designs its apparel to offer a seamless fusion of comfort, functionality, and style. Elevating the active lifestyle, their high-quality products cater to individuals seeking performance-driven gear that doesn't compromise on aesthetics. Beyond the pursuit of personal well-being, Syron Active takes pride in its commitment to sustainability, ensuring that each garment aligns with eco-friendly values. Embark on a journey with Syron Active – where every piece tells a story of dedication to health, fashion, and a greener tomorrow.

Problems They Had

When Syron Active approached DevGriffins for website development, their primary challenge lay in the absence of a user-friendly e-commerce platform. Despite a clear understanding of how to connect with their target audience, they struggled to find a suitable online space capable of driving sales effectively. Compounding the issue was a time constraint; Syron Active urgently required a fully utilized, SEO-optimized, and visually appealing website. Fortunately, by collaborating with DevGriffins, they discovered a comprehensive solution to all their concerns. The resulting website not only met their immediate needs but also provided a robust foundation for sustained online success.

Our Solutions for Syron Active

Fast and Utilized Website

DevGriffins prioritized website speed and functionality, delivering a fast and highly-utilized platform. This optimization contributes to a positive user experience, reducing bounce rates and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Fast and Utilized Website Solution for Syron Active

Payment Portal Integration

We implemented a secure and versatile payment gateway, providing customers with a variety of payment options. This integration was crucial for building trust and simplifying the checkout process, ensuring a smooth and safe transaction experience.

Payment Portal Integration Solution for Syron Active

Automated Mails

We set up an automated email system to efficiently manage customer communications. This system sends timely and relevant emails, from welcome messages to order updates, enhancing the post-purchase experience and keeping customers informed at every step.

Automated Mails Solution for Syron Active

Unique Style

Understanding the importance of speed and ease of use, we ensured the website was optimized for rapid loading and intuitive navigation. Our team meticulously designed each element to enhance user engagement and satisfaction, making it simple for customers to find what they need quickly.

Unique Style Solution for Syron Active

eCommerce Website

DevGriffins developed a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform for Syron Active, characterized by a user-friendly interface, advanced features like coupon codes, and a seamless integration of Sri Lankan payment gateways.

eCommerce Website Solution for Syron Active

Product Comparison and Wish List Features

To enhance the shopping experience, our team incorporated product comparison features and a convenient wish list option, allowing Syron Active customers to make informed choices and save desired items for future purchase.

Product Comparison and Wish List Features Solution for Syron Active

Google-Listed Products

We ensured every Syron Active product is seamlessly listed on Google, enhancing online visibility and accessibility for potential customers.

Google-Listed Products Solution for Syron Active

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